Often losing the essential substance of the tutorials you watch?

Noteez is the perfect Chrome Extension for taking quick notes while watching YouTube tutorials. Easy, fast and time-sensitive in page solution for everyone who needs to keep track of what matters.

Screenshot of App in Browser


Save your favorite tutorials in one click.


Keep your tutorials in order by creating various categories

Take Notes

Note down the essentials and keep track of your thoughts.

I have more questions . . .

Which video platforms are supported?

For now, Noteez is compatible with Youtube. We are planning on adding Facebook, Vimeo and Netflix in the nearest future.

Where my bookmarks and notes are stored?

In the cloud! This way, you can store as many bookmarked tutorials and notes as you need!

What about the confidentiality of my notes?

Your notes are encrypted and anonymized before being stored in the cloud. Only you can access them.

What if I change laptop?

No worries, just connect to the extension from your new computer, and your bookmarks and notes will be automatically accessible.

Just give it a try, it's FREE!